Is Amazon Go a Game Changer?

Amazon has done it again with a new innovative shopping experience. This idea seems like a game changer in the retail space and for consumers as well. I wonder how many other companies will follow suit. Walmart Now? Target On-Demand? Amazon employees are currently beta testing the store, and it will officially open in early 2017. Amazon has published a link with more details. And Seattle Times published a story about the 1,800 square-foot store experience. I am hoping they roll this out into other markets, talk about convenience. No lines. No checkout. No seriously!? Check out the video below and see for yourself.


A Favorite Out-of-Home Example

Really nice work for Washington Mutual in New York Times Square, taken in 2002. What is the coolest outdoor execution you have seen?

33 Ways to Stay Creative

How do you stay creative?

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